R E Availability

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Common NameQuantitySizePrice
Live Oak3672 inch box$3,000.00
Live Oak21300 gallon$1,750.00
Live Oak203200 gallon$1,100.00
Live Oak367100 gallon$450
Live Oak12236 inch box$475.00
Live Oak23445 gallon$195.00
Live Oak11724 inch box$215.00
Burr Oak045 gallon
Chinquapin Oak045 gallon
Shumard Oak33345 gallon$185.00
Sierra Red Oak9645 gallon$175
Monterrey Oak6245 gallon$185
Monetrrey Oak0100 gallon
Cedar Elm32745 gallon$185
Mex Sycamore065 gallon
Mex Sycamore247100 gallon$475
Mex Sycamore6336 inch box$525.00
Mex Sycamore065 gallon$275.00
Jap Blueberry030 gallon
Bald Cypress045 gallon